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Gormley Sun Rays

Originally uploaded by spkennedy3000

I don’t know is this is faked up or not, but I still like it for the luminosity in the clouds.

Love the clouds.


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This would be a great Halloween outfit. Strange how the heads all look happy guarding the gates of hell.
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Cerberus (Κέρβερος K�rberos) is the name given to the entity which, in Greek and Roman mythology, is a multi-headed dog which guards the gates of Hades, to prevent those who have crossed the river Styx from ever escaping. Cerberus featured in many prominent works of ancient Greek and Roman literature and in works of both ancient and modern art and architecture. As with most creatures from classical mythology, the depiction and background surrounding Cerberus often differed across various works by different authors of the era, the most notable difference being his number of heads; while most sources describe or depict three heads, others show him with two, a lesser number show a variable amount, sometimes as high as 50.

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Americans Elect Obama President of the United States

After eight years of Bush, OJ Simpson could have won

By an overwhelming majority, Americans voted Barak Obama as the first African-American president in history. The election was not even close, as John McCain and Sarah Palin conceded defeat shortly after the polls closed in California. “We don’t need another Bush” was the sentiment across the nation today.

Political pundits were shocked, however. Many felt last minute attempts by factions within the McCain organization to manipulate the election would rescue the aging Bush clone. But this was not the case as Americans failed to respond to suggestions they are or should be racists in the voting booth, if nowhere else.

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Catedral de Valencia

Originally uploaded by Juan Vte. Muñoz

Saint Mary of Valencia Cathedral

Houses a chalice believed by some to be the true holy grail and “the authentic cup used at the Last Supper.

Great tonal range.

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quick clean

Originally uploaded by buckaroo kid

This was taken in London in what is probably not the nicest part of town. Notice how clean the street is anyway. buckaroo kid has an entire set called “Scuzzy London.” The streets are all free of the everyday trash found here.

The colors are great, and I don’t at all mind the “street furniture.” I really like how the tones in the adjacent walls and on the street frame the store front.

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No Rule

Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska was convicted of corruption charges. Big deal, lots of elected officials are corrupt. I have followed this case, but not closely. Then I saw this morning’s AP story –

Despite being a convicted felon, he is not required to drop out of the race or resign from the Senate. If he wins re-election, he can continue to hold his seat because there is no rule barring felons from serving in Congress.

He can’t vote in November, only in Congress. Wonderful . . .

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Cuatro eran cuatro

Originally uploaded by Nacho G R

I’ll be honest – the row of butts caught my eye first. Then the colors and shallow depth of field made me take a closer look. It is my Flickr Favorite of the Day.

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Chelsea, NY

Originally uploaded by Barry Yanowitz

Terrific shot – feels like he’s tilted the scene to drain off the water. A three dimensional effect.

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Originally uploaded by Patric76

This is Emma, our youngest grandchild (so far). She is only five years old, but her expression here is much more mature.

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Old chili? Not today, thanks . . .

There are signs all around us. They tell you what to do or not to do, where to go and how to get there. Most signs are simply there. You see them without giving them much thought. Then there are those signs which give pause. Such as the “For Sale by Owner” often seen crudely planted in front of a house someone no longer wants. If you think about it (which I probably do too much), who the hell else is selling the house? If not the owner, isn’t it stealing? I suppose it’s better than lising the place with a real estate agent and putting up a “For Sale by Total Stranger Only Interested in Making a Profit.” One of my favorites is the “Private Property – No Tresspassing” sign in front of a broken down single wide with living room furniture where a lawn might normally be found. Not too many people would mistake this for a public library. Signs are just another form of communication, and we don’t always pay attention to what people are saying.

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