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Some of the comments to this extroadinarily ordinary photograph are more entertaining that the shot itself.


The three-billionth photo on Flickr. Or should we call is MacFlickr?

Three Billionth Photo. Not many people can say they uploaded that particular one to Flickr….!

*Generic congratulatory comment on being the 3-billionth photo*

too bad the 3 billionth pic wasn’t a close up of some nice tits. i guess this door will have to do, or something.

personally, i’m more interested in the 5,999,999,999th photo.. but that’s just me.

lucky this shot is good ! imagine if a crappy photo got all this hype! that would be a terrible waste indeed!

If this happened to me, it would be with a picture of me picking my nose



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There was nothing worth adding to my Flickr Favorites this morning, and this left me time to think about other things like originality and universal duality.

What got me thinking about original ideas was going through my usual 500 “interestingness” photographs. Flickr’s concept of interestingness is –

There are lots of elements that make something ‘interesting’ (or not) on Flickr. Where the clickthroughs are coming from; who comments on it and when; who marks it as a favorite; its tags and many more things which are constantly changing. Interestingness changes over time, as more and more fantastic content and stories are added to Flickr.

Looking at so many photos in the last couple of months, I begin to see essentially the same set of pictures over and over again. The self-portrait in the mirror proudly featuring their brand new DSLR or the sleeping, ultra-cute newborn wrapped in a blanket or hung like a ham in a fine mesh bag. I might have to leave this exercise alone for a while or I will loose interest in photography altogether.

Universal duality is what I call the belief nothing exists without an opposite. Hot isn’t hot if you don’t know what cold is. In the physical world, this is easy to understand. But what about the metaphysical? Is a concept convieable without the reference point of an opposite? Have to think about that some more.

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