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Guess Who?

How many of the people appearing in this video can you name?


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The Kippen König walked by the house a few days ago, head down and looking for kippen.  This is German for cigarette butts.  The König, which is German for king, has been around a while. I don’t recall when we noticed him for the first time.  He is an older man – small, thin, and unkempt.  In the summer months he’s mostly just plain dusty.  He’s alone now, but one summer a couple of years ago he had a wretched looking woman trudging along beside him.

The König looks for cigarette butts he either stuffs into his pocket or lights up then and there.  In the morning he walks toward Food City, then comes back up Morgan Avenue heading west.  In good weather he might make this round twice.  I don’t know where he lives, but I have seen him in Jonesville, ten miles down the road.

One day I saw the König with his queen and a young girl. They were sitting around the Middle School, chowing down on something from MacDonald’s.  I didn’t think much of it at the time; the girl looked like she was spending the day with her down-on-thier-luck grandparents.  Maybe she was.  The Kippen König is Sam’s father.  Before Sam moved away he worked part time stocking shelves at Food City.  Sam studied French for a year in Paris. That’s Paris, France. Not Paris, Tennessee.  Sam was ashamed of his father.


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