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Rahm Emanuel


This guy is a little different than most White House Chiefs of Staff. Is he going to be the Doberman guarding the Oval Office?

From Wiki – Many Arabs and Palestinians were angry over Obama’s appointment of Emanuel, especially after his father Benjamin Emanuel was interviewed by the Hebrew daily Maariv in an article entitled “Our Man in the White House.” He stated: “Obviously, he will influence the President to be pro-Israel. Why shouldn’t he do it? What is he, an Arab? He’s not going to clean the floor of the White House.”

NPR.org, November 6, 2008 · Just two days after his election victory, President-elect Barack Obama appointed Rahm Emanuel to be his White House chief of staff.

Emanuel, a U.S. representative from Illinois since 2003, is known as a fiery, ferocious, take-no-prisoners Democrat. And he is a sharp contrast to the inclusive, even-tempered, seldom-ruffled Obama.

“He has had the fastest rise on Capitol Hill of anyone I have ever known,” says James Carville, a longtime friend of Emanuel’s and a fellow fervent Democrat. The two men worked together in the White House under President Clinton.

“Rahm has legendary energy and smarts — he is schooled in every issue,” Carville says.


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