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bush460I am not a big fan of President George W. Bush, and I don’t understand German politics well enough to form an opinion on Chancellor Angela Merkel.  But I do wonder which of the two is more realistic in their policy on climate control.   

In a speech at the White House on April 16th, 2008, President Bush discussed climate change.  As usual, he was derided for his remarks whe he said –

Climate change involves complicated science and generates vigorous debate. Many are concerned about the effect of climate change on our environment. Many are concerned about the effect of climate change policies on our economy. I share these concerns, and I believe they can be sensibly reconciled.

In an  article in the mass-circulation tabloid Bild, Merkel said that she will not approve any European Union climate rules “that endanger jobs or investments in Germany.”

I agree with Bush – climate change is complicated science.  And I believe Merkel when she says she opposes climate rules which would hurt the German economy.  After all, there will be elections next year.  Merkel is a scientist with a degree in physics from a good university.  Bush, by any stretch of the imagination, is not a scientist.  But both are politicians.  Bush has been elected as President twice, while Merkel heads a coalition government which may not survive next years national elections.  Some might consider Bush to be the more successful politician, but few would say he is smarter.  Merkel, with her comments seemingly favoring the economy over the environment, sounds a little like Bush these days.  But no, I don’t believe Bush is smarter than Merkel.  But I do believe he has been more consistent.


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