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There are a lot of sad lawyers all over the country this morning. I feel their pain. An airplane takes off carrying 150 passengers and a crew of five. The pilot begins his ascent over a densely populated city when he looses both engines through an act of nature. The plane begins to fall from the sky. Seconds away from inevitable disaster, the pilot has only one choice – crash land his aircraft in the Hudson River. His training and 40 years of experience kick in. Against all odds, he sets down crippled aircraft like it was made for water landings. He and the crew get all of the passengers out and onto the wings of the slowly sinking plane. Again, circumstances conspire against the legal professionals who flock to disasters like blowflies to dead meat. This airplane has landed in broad daylight, in a section of the river with plenty of small boats underway. They race to the rescue and not a single life is lost. And the lawyers know the reality of the situation – there isn’t a lot of money in 150 pair of wet feet.


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