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Forbes.com published a list of America’s worst intersections. The Cross Bronx Expressway made the top ten on this list three times. Actually, three of the top four worst intersections were off this nightmare road. 

Years ago, I would take the Cross Bronx when driving to Maine for the weekend, heading north on Friday afternoons and returning to Philadelphia on Sunday nights. It wasn’t really that bad though, once I learned what lane to be in and when to change lanes. What was bad though was breaking down. 

One Friday on my way north, I glimpsed a brand new Chrysler New Yorker stopped in the breakdown land at an underpass. A man in an expensive looking suit had the hood open and was looking at the motor like that was going to help. You should have taken the train, buddy!

On my way back south that Sunday night, I saw this same car. It was on cinder blocks and had been completely stripped. No doors, no wheels. All the glass was gone. The hood and trunk lid were missing. The seats were gone. It looked like the engine and the entire drive train had been pulled out. A crew of three or four young men were stripping out whatever was left of the once beautiful car.  

I remember thinking – wouldn’t it have been easier to steal the whole car?


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