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White Trash Warehouse

Every time I see someone wearing¬†File:T Flag H FC NO.png¬†around here, I automatically think “TOMMY HILLBILLY.” This comes in part from a former boss who considered HILFIGER to be the epitome of high fashion. The Hilfiger name on everything he owned seemed a personal goal.

The other day as I was leaving Walmart, a genuine “hillbilly” type was entering. He was thin and ragged looking and wore a dirty t-shirt with the famous (and copyrighted) logo, but the name “HILFIGER” had been replaced by “HILLBILLY.” My thoughts about the brand are apparently not unique. I wondered if he considered the shirt a fashion statement. He didn’t seem the type for self-depreciating humor.

It turns out that the “Tommy Hillbilly” line is available from the White Trash Warehouse. Hot couture!


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