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Ill be broke

I'll be broke!

In California, voters defeated five budget related propositions, passing only one in a recent statewide special election. Proposition 1F passed, which prevents elected officials from receiving any pay increase during years of budget deficit. Then, the California Citizens Compensation Commission voted to impose the pay cuts and said it was seeking a legal opinion that would allow the reductions to take effect in the middle of the officials’ terms. Under current law, the pay cuts would be imposed between December 2010 and the end of 2012, meaning lawmakers and officeholders would finish their terms without ever seeing a smaller paycheck. Nice try. I don’t know what a legal challenge will decide, but in the current mood, elected officials arguing against a pay cut won’t be re-elected. 

For the most part, elected officials in California are paid better than any other state in the country. With the pay cut, salaries of rank-and-file lawmakers would fall from $116,028 a year to $95,143. The legislative leaders’ salaries will go from $133,639 to $109,584. Not bad, considering the per Diem, which can amount to another $35K per year, and other legal (and not so legal) perks these people receive. Voters are apparently tired of loosing the shirts of their backs while elected officials, who helped create the current financial crisis, knock down six-figure incomes.

But Californians – why not take it to the next level? Base elected officials pay on state profits. If the state makes a profit, they get paid a percentage. If the state looses money, they kick in to make up the difference. To hell with the taxpayer, and forget about government. Who needs a government when every decision made is based on the bottom line?

Here is an idea to get things started. Kick every unemloyed single parent off welfare now, so state legislators in $3000 suits won’t have to worry about applying for it next year. 



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