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There is a Gate City, Va., but these gates are on a line of stalls at Leeman Field.



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Waxy looking leaves along the lake trail, lit by a small ray of sunlight finding a way through the canopy.


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Another shot of the stray at Leeman Field.


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One of our favorite places to relax is Bark Camp Lake. We pretty much have the entire campground to ourselves, and the trail around the lake is perfect for an early morning hike. There are fishing spots along the way no one goes to at all, and no matter how hot it gets, the deep shade remains cool and inviting.


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An abandoned little dog who follows me while I walk at Leeman Field. Mangy, flea ridden and sickly, all she wants is a little attention.

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It is way too hot in the house today, but we’re baking anyway.


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Here is another sign. This one was on a locked gate to the tennis court. The mayor must be busy keeping track of all the keys and safety chains for Leeman Field.


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This is another sign I saw at the entrance to Leeman Field. It begs a couple of questions.


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There is a playground at Leeman Field, and on this playground there is a swing.  And because playgrounds in general and swings in particular are hazardous, there is a safety harness for this swing.  It is all the way across town, stored in the Mayor’s Office.  You can call the mayor.  His phone number is nearby.  Maybe he will bring the harness to the playground for you.  Then you can swing safely.  Maybe the mayor will even push you for a while, before he takes his safety harness back to his office.  That would be fun.


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It has been overcast lately, and I don’t have the early morning light I like so much. So, time to create . . .


. . . something post-apocalyptic like. This is a high mast pole smack in the middle of Leeman Field. The round basket-like thing is actually the “ball” that drops on New Year’s Eve.

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