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One of these days I am going to write something to go with the pictures I have been posting. Today just isn’t that day though. I mean, what can I write about this highly manipulated picture of an ordinary yellow flower? I titled this “Orange Blossom, Special.” Kind of a play on the title of a song written by Ervin T. Rouse and made famous by Johnny Cash, who sang the “fiddle player’s national anthem.” Before Cash sang “the Special” it was a standard piece for fiddle players. I guess it still is, but Cash mainstreamed it by singing and playing two harmonicas in accompaniment. One at a time, of course.

A fiddle is just about anything with strings and played with a bow. ¬†What is the difference between a fiddle and a violin? When you are buying it, it’s a fiddle. When you are selling it, it’s a violin. A Cajun friend from my Army days called a guitar a “git-fiddle.” He also called a double-barrelled shotgun a “twice shootin’ carbine.” He memorized everyone’s social security numbers so he could fill out forms for us without bothering anyone for their number. This was before the days of identify theft.

So what does all that have to do with this picture?

Nothing at all . . .

Orange Blossom, Special


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I didn’t really notice all the colors in the backgrond when I took this picture at Biltmore. It seems there is never a clash when colors come from nature.


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