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ppmI spent my first summer away from home in 1964, earning $10 per week working at the Seabreeze, a motel my grandparents owned in Hampton Beach, NH. After work, I would sometimes hang out with one or both of the chambermaids who cleaned and made up the rooms. To me they were mature women, probably all of 16 or 17 years old. I wouldn’t be twelve until October. The Casino Ballroom was (and still is) a concert hall just across the street from the beach where we sometimes would lie on the sand and listen to whoever was playing the Ballroom. I remember one night lying on the warm sand and listening to Peter, Paul and Mary singing If I Had a Hammer. I’ve been a fan of PP&M, and warm summer nights on the beach, ever since.


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Suits Me

Over exposed and blurry, but I still like it.

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Final Day

Shoe-Sale-2Today is the third and final day of our “everything must go” yard sale. At least I hope it is. Every morning, I rush to get everything out and on the display tables we borrowed from friends for the sale. There isn’t much left today to put out today. For this I am grateful. It has been interesting to see what sells and what doesn’t sell. I’m not at all surprised red shoes with long, pointy toes aren’t a hot item.

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Tobacco companies are suing the federal government, claiming the anti-tobacco legislation signed into law in June violates their First Amendment right to communicate with adult customers. I suppose big tobacco has backed away from “Joe Camel” type of advertising aimed at young people. Now I have to read up on the First Amendment. It seems advertising is a form of commercial speech (motivated by profit) and is not without protection under the law as developed through various Supreme Court decisions.

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