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SoldiersHad my retirement party last Saturday, and everyone showed up. Jack, Jim, Ron, even the Captain was there. Later on, some of the locals brought out desserts including apple pie and something with peaches in it. I think that was what did me in, but who knows. I’m just glad that part is over with.

The weather was great, food was plentiful and everyone had a good time. I really didn’t want to do anything like this and would have preferred to just not show up for work after my last day. But retirement parties aren’t for the retirees, they are for those who aspire to be retired but haven’t yet reached that point where they realize they are about to join the ranks of the fixed income folks. ¬†When that senior’s discount at MacDonald’s isn’t such a bad thing after all. And when someone asks what you do for a living, the conversation turns past tense. When the road ahead is shorter that the road behind.

So I went to my own retirement party to spend a moment as the center of attention, and for the swag, before heading down the road. I only have a few “work days ” left, and will do whatever I feel like doing. Even if it means working.



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