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Pimpin'-ain't-easy-yoSoon after the world’s oldest profession came into existence, the second oldest profession evolved. Some may think pimpin’ is easy, but it’s not. Making it look easy is the goal, and for the the successful entrepreneur, attention to detail is essential. Crack may now be whack, but color-coordinating socks remains fly.


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Trail-GoodbyeWe took one last look at the Creeper Trail yesterday before heading out on Tuesday. The weather was cool and cloudy, but we’ve never had a bad day on the Trail. Not in snow and ice, torrential downpours and sweltering heat. It came close once, when a couple of bulls along a lonely stretch were getting loud and aggressive, but we managed to get by them without incident. There may be better hiking trails in America, but the Virginia Creeper Trail will always be at the top of our list.

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