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More on the Road

It’s early and still quiet in the motel we found at the end of the day yesterday. It looked better than the handful of others in Staunton, but looks can be deceiving. In this case, the place looks new from the outside, but isn’t. Not all of the rooms have internet connections and I had to use a wireless adapter. It is SLOW and I can’t do much with pictures, let alone watch theĀ latestĀ episode of Rosenheim Cops.

We drove 209 miles in four hours on the first day of this trip, and 82 miles all day yesterday. But these were the prettiest 82 miles I’ve ever seen. The weather was perfect all day, warm and sunny – not a cloud in the sky. Hope this keeps up but won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t. It is fall, after all.

I’m going to try and get a few pictures ready for posting. We’ve taken so many I am in danger of being overloaded with editing work. Probably spend half this coming winter just working on that. Gerda took better pictures with her little point and shoot camera, so anything I post that looks good was probably her shot.


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