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DSC_0037Getting ready to leave Pennsylvania today. Dave called on his way home from work (don’t you just hate morning watch?) and said to grab the camera and he’d take me down to the lake. Good call, as this was a nice scene and one I will long remember.



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One wrong turn

I made one wrong turn and ended up with a GPS. 

Everything was going fine; I had driven the entire length of Virginia without a misstep. So, heading to West Virginia and following the directions given me, I got off I-81 and called as planned. Since I got off at exit 16 E, I just knew I would have to continue going east to get to the pre-arranged meeting point. And since I knew what I was doing, I didn’t bother to listen. I do that a lot.

I kept driving the in wrong direction, eventually seeing a Food Lion and a High School I was told to look for but I never did see the Burger King where we were supposed to meet up (if you drive long enough in this part of the country, you will see a Food Lion and you will see a high school). After about 30 minutes, I realised I was doing something wrong and should call. My cell phone was dead as a door nail, and of course there are no longer any pay phones around. But eventually I did find a phone, got directions and was able to retrace my steps.  My friend met us in the parking lot where I began this odyssey and gave me his GPS. I was to follow him to the house, but if we were separated in traffic to use the GPS and follow the directions this device would give me. It worked perfectly and I decided to get my own. I call it “Gerda’s Prevention System” because it prevents cursing, high blood pressure, hypertension and a host of other health related problems. I think it is well worth the money. I still don’t listen to people as much as I should because that’s the way I am. But I do listed to the GPS because I’m not yet sure I know more than TomTom.

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