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. . .  and spare a pear.


Ercan BAYSAL İzmir, Türkiye


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The lake

Originally uploaded by risquillo

It has been a while since I found something to add to my Flickr favorites.

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Originally uploaded by Ali Shokri

Out of a series of black and white photographs by Ali Shokri, a photographer based in Tabriz Iran. 

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Catching Up


Originally uploaded by vigo2009

There is a difference between a cheap point-and-shoot digital camera and an expensive film camera. This was done with the later.

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Little big storm

Originally uploaded by Ahmed Zahid

Added to my Flickr Favorites this morning. I had almost given up even looking for new photos, but this caught my attention. It was taken in the Maldives, a tourist destination in the Indian Ocean. The Maldives is the smallest Asian country in terms of both population and area; it is the smallest predominantly Muslim nation in the world and their constitution precludes non-Muslims from voting. It is also the country with the lowest highest point in the world. Just a coincidence . . . geography having nothing to do with it.

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Smiles After Rain

Originally uploaded by *Sakura*

When I can’t find a shot to add to My Favorites in Flickr, I sometimes delete one. Maybe this way I will eventually reduce all the pictures to one single favorite. I deleted this one today. It’s not bad, but something has to go today.

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Hatter ²

Originally uploaded by Breslow

I don’t know if this qualifies as “art” but I do like the effect.

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