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. . .  bet you wish you were here!

We found the drive yesterday to be much too beautiful to hurry through. The weather was absolutely perfect and the scenery even more so. We stopped at “Peaks of Otter” and walked around the small lake there, finding a great place for a picnic lunch and some relaxing before getting back onto the interstate to find a room for the night. The internet connection at this motel isn’t what it should be and I am having a lot of difficulty posting any pictures.


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No More Looking Back

No-More-Looking-BackLeaving Lee and entering Scott County, the view doesn’t tell half the story.

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Let's go!!!

We finally got on the road around noon today. I wanted to leave at 10:00, then realized this wasn’t going to be possible. And when you are retired, any time is on time. We said our final good-bye’s to the neighbors who became like family to us, and headed on down the road.

After a quick stop in Abingdon for coffee to go and to drop off the modem and cancel our internet, we got back onto I-81 north. Had a quick break in Pulaski, then decided to push on to Roanoke. It wasn’t really much further, and traffic wasn’t a problem at all.

We are spending the night at a newly opened Holiday Inn Express, and the place in great. I managed to break the chain on my pocket watch, but they had the tools to fix it at the front desk. High speed internet in all the rooms, wired or wireless. Huge room, very nicely appointed and all that. Gerda loves it.

Dinner at the Cracker Barrel right across the street. Lesson learned – don’t order a burger at a country cooking restaurant, order country cooking. Gerda did and it worked out better for her. Anyway . . .

In the morning, we just head down the road (no more Interstate for a while) a little bit and jump onto the Blue Ridge Parkway. Really want to get an early start but won’t sweat it if we don’t.

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