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After travelling to Washington in private jets last month looking for $25 billion in taxpayer’s money to bail out their autochiefs_200failing companies, the “big three” American auto makers were sent packing by Congress.  They were told to go home and think about what they were willing to do for the money.  They’re back now, and still want my money.  But this time they didn’t fly in corporate jets.  Some are even talking about cutting their own pay to show how committed they are to solving the problem.  Sounds to me like a group of kids sent to their room and told not to come out until they are ready to behave.  It didn’t work with me, and I doubt it has had much effect on these guys either.  In the grand scheme of things, how a bunch of executives travel to Washington isn’t going to make a difference in the auto industry’s bottom line and they know it.  Congress knows it too.  Now that elections are over with, they will probably fork over the cash.  Nothing is going to change, though.  Americans don’t want to drive small, energy efficient cars, and we would rather walk than be seen in a hybrid.  Buy comfortable, well made shoes that will last a while.


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