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IMG_6468-1Gerda took this picture (unedited) of the Blue Ridge Parkway our first day out. It’s typical of the scenery encountered around every curve in the road. Driving the Parkway was like watching a National Geographic special¬†in an IMAX theater, only better. Toward evening, you welcome the dimming light as relief from color overload.

We started out on the Parkway just north of Roanoke, VA. I thought we would make it all the way to the end the first day, see the Sky Line Drive the next and be in West Virginia by dinner time. I suppose it would have been possible to push on and do just that, but each overlook was too inviting. Pretty soon in the day we realized we would want to spend more time relaxing and enjoying the trip so we did just that.

We hadn’t covered a lot of miles by the end of the day . . . but everyone one of them was beautiful.


Near the end of the day.


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. . .  bet you wish you were here!

We found the drive yesterday to be much too beautiful to hurry through. The weather was absolutely perfect and the scenery even more so. We stopped at “Peaks of Otter” and walked around the small lake there, finding a great place for a picnic lunch and some relaxing before getting back onto the interstate to find a room for the night. The internet connection at this motel isn’t what it should be and I am having a lot of difficulty posting any pictures.

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