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fine-wines1The weather turned a little nicer yesterday, so we went to Abingdon for cappuccini. That I drove 150 miles round trip for coffee may sound strange, but there isn’t anywhere else around here where you can get a real cappuccino. Period.

We hiked for a while on the Creeper Trail before going to Fine Wines of Distinction, which houses Katbird’s Cafe. We always go there after being out on the trail. Besides the fine wines and cappuccino, they have a selection of good beers, cheeses and gifts.

Just across the street is the purported location where famed frontiersman Daniel Boone’s hunting dogs were attacked by a pack of wolves in 1760. There are no longer any wolves in the area, but I did read in the paper last week of a pack of stray dogs that were attacking people in St. Charles.

So things do change, some.


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