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Kaiserschmarrn (“Kaiser”, meaning “Emperor’s” and “Schmarrn” is “Mishmash” in Austrian German) is one of the best know Austrian desserts, popular in the former Austria–Hungary as well  as in Bavaria. In Hungary it is called “császármorzsa” or simply “smarni”. The translation of Kaiserschmarrn has generated some etymological debate. While “Kaiser” is literally translatable as Emperor, the same cannot be said for “Schmarrn”. “Schmarrn” has been translated as a mishmash, a mess, crumbs, a trifle, a nonsense, a fluff or even as a mild expletive.

Gerda made Kaiserschmarrn yesterday from a recipe she found in the German language WIKIBOOKS. Unfortunately, there isn’t an English version of this same recipe. The other recipies I found don’t really come close, but I can translate this one if someone wants it. 

It may be interesting to learn how this Austrian dessert or light meal became known as Kaiserschmarrn. To me though, the only important thing to know is there is no better way to combine eggs, flour and milk. If I were a condemned man, this is what I would want for my last meal.


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Sacher Torte

2664681937_22af4b0bba_mI am reading “Mortals” by Norman Rush.  On the back cover are all the out-of-context quotes by various literary types.  Karen Heller writes for the Philadelphia Enquirer and says “Dazzling . . .  A thick, delicious Sache torte of a novel.”  It is a good book, but this Austrian delight has it’s own web site.

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