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The lake

Originally uploaded by risquillo

It has been a while since I found something to add to my Flickr favorites.


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Hatter ²

Originally uploaded by Breslow

I don’t know if this qualifies as “art” but I do like the effect.

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Du coté de chez Swan(n)

Originally uploaded by yves.lecoq

There is a lot of crap on Flickr, but this isn’t part of it. This guy’s photostream is a little weird, though.

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Originally uploaded by pfrench99

This was about the only thing I liked this morning. I did notice a number of shots very similar to one I did at the Natural Tunnel the other day. I wasn’t consicenciously trying to copy from someone else, it just came out that way.

I like the graphic quality along with the tones in this photograph.

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Originally uploaded by sonia de spa

This came from a contact.


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Originally uploaded by sjon blackwell

Yesterday was a wash, looking through my usual 500 photographs of “interestingness” for a daily favorite. There were many to choose from today, including this from sjon blackwell, a psychographer. I’m not sure I understand what a psychographer is, but he’s a Flickr contact and always interesting.

Depth of field turns into a field of depth.

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Gormley Sun Rays

Originally uploaded by spkennedy3000

I don’t know is this is faked up or not, but I still like it for the luminosity in the clouds.

Love the clouds.

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quick clean

Originally uploaded by buckaroo kid

This was taken in London in what is probably not the nicest part of town. Notice how clean the street is anyway. buckaroo kid has an entire set called “Scuzzy London.” The streets are all free of the everyday trash found here.

The colors are great, and I don’t at all mind the “street furniture.” I really like how the tones in the adjacent walls and on the street frame the store front.

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Cuatro eran cuatro

Originally uploaded by Nacho G R

I’ll be honest – the row of butts caught my eye first. Then the colors and shallow depth of field made me take a closer look. It is my Flickr Favorite of the Day.

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Chelsea, NY

Originally uploaded by Barry Yanowitz

Terrific shot – feels like he’s tilted the scene to drain off the water. A three dimensional effect.

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