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The Weather

The weather in this part of Virginia is what I call “half-and-half.” For half of the year, it is freezing cold and miserable. Of course, the other half of the year is sweltering hot and miserable.  Occasionally there will be a transition period between the halves of a couple of weeks. During this time, the weather can be said to be pleasant.

We’re in the freezing cold and miserable half of the year right now. This will last until memory of the preceding period of sweltering hot and miserable has faded; the sweltering hot and miserable will last – oh well, you get the picture.

During the freezing cold and miserable period, the heat pump runs constantly, thanks to a lack of insulation in the walls of our rented house. I think a new coat of paint would reduce the heating bill noticeably. Cabinets hung on exterior walls can supplant the refrigerator quite well. These same cabinets double as ovens during the hot and miserable period. We seem to stand the hot and miserable period better, and don’t run the air conditioner as much as the heater. 

There. That’s my complaint about the weather. For all the good it does.


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