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No More Looking Back

No-More-Looking-BackLeaving Lee and entering Scott County, the view doesn’t tell half the story.


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Another shot of the stray at Leeman Field.


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An abandoned little dog who follows me while I walk at Leeman Field. Mangy, flea ridden and sickly, all she wants is a little attention.

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Here is another sign. This one was on a locked gate to the tennis court. The mayor must be busy keeping track of all the keys and safety chains for Leeman Field.


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This is another sign I saw at the entrance to Leeman Field. It begs a couple of questions.


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We live in the middle of Pennington Gap, Va. This is in Lee County, the Oxycontin capital of the country. Drugs are bought and sold more or less openly all over town. Many of our neighbors, former and present, have done or are doing time for selling drugs. Strung out bums wander the street, and I don’t like to walk after dark because I simply don’t feel safe.

On several occassions, I have found empty boxes of pseudoepineferin in front of our house. The other day, I found this lying at the steps up from the street. I left it there. Someone might need it.


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I originally shot this in color, but the black and white seemed to work better.


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