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Sand a.M.

5 Stern Radwanderweg

We walked to Sand am Main yesterday and the day before, when the sun was shining and there were hints of spring in the air. It is a very relaxing seven kilometer round trip using the five-star bicycle route to stay off the main road, Entering Sand this way, you get a hint as to where the name came from. Besides the wine produced locally, a lot of sand is dredged up from the waters in Sand a. Main (Sand on the Main River).

This afternoon, ducks were having a lot of fun sprinting across the water. The drakes were showing off for the females lined up to watch.

Drakes showing off

J.C. and the Sunshine

There is a very nice looking Catholic church in the center of town with a statue of Jesus on the roof. Maybe some day I’ll be in Sand at the right time to get the sun shining through the halo. In the mean time, we’re looking forward to this summer when the Strausse or, in the local dialect, “heckenwirtshaften” (literally hedge ┬ápubs) are open and serving local wine and simple food outdoors.


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These ducks are using a section of the iced over harbor on the Main River in Hassfurt as a “rest stop” of sorts. A little known fact about the duck is that it is a clean bird. Given the opportunity, a duck would prefer not to use the water it swims and eats in as a bathroom. Here, ducks are using a section of the ice for just that purpose. Look closely at the photograph and you will notice several “spots” used as open-air urinals.

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There wasn’t much going on this morning. Walked over the Main River and a floodgate was down a little, I suppose to drop the water level behind it.

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The Main River

It seems I can’t stay away from the Main River in the mornings. Sitting right on the bank as the Gaisburg came by heading upriver, I nearly was swamped by its deceptively gentle looking wake.

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A pair of swans approached us as we walked along a pond near the Main River today. There are many different birds in this area, and most of them shy of humans. These swans have been here for several years. I remember seeing them the last time I was here in 2005. I suppose people have been feeding them. When I didn’t give them anything to eat, they drifted away. This one looked disappointed.

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