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Harbor at Cape Porpoise, Maine














A small coastal village in the town of Kennebunkport, Maine, Cape Porpoise was named by explorer Captain John Smith in 1614 during his exploration of New England. Smith is most remembered for his role in establishing the first permanent English settlement in North America at Jamestown, Virginia, and his brief association with the Virginia Indian girl Pocahontas.  Less well-known is that he is reputed to have defeated, killed and beheaded Turkish commanders in three duels, for which he was knighted by the Transylvanian Prince Sigismund Báthory and given a horse and coat of Arms showing three Turks’ heads. This however, and stories of Pocahontas saving his life, may be embellishments or downright lies, as Smith was considered a trouble maker and was believed to stretch the truth from time to time.

So we should remember that when our leaders lie, they’re just carrying on a long-standing tradition in this country.


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