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Rural West Virginia

Checking the news this morning, I noticed a ” . . . powerful blizzard paralyzes mid-Atlantic states“. I knew there was a blizzard (Obama called is “Snowmageddon”) from the pictures my friend Pat sent. I read this story and learned “Shawn Punga and his wife, Kristine, of Silver Spring, Md., went to a hotel because they lost power and were concerned for their 2-year-old daughter, Ryder, who was bundled up in thick pink pajamas and slippers.” The temperature had fallen to 60 degrees in their home.

Buried further down in the story was ” . . . only two people had died — a father-and-son team who were killed trying to help someone stuck on a highway in Virginia.” No names were mentioned.

When I tried to find out more, I had to go to a local news source to find out a ” . . . father and son died when a semi-truck plowed into their Dodge Caravan after they stopped to help a driver stranded on the icy interstate.  William Edward Smith Jr., 25, of Mooresburg, Tenn., was standing outside the van when the tractor-trailer lost control on the slick roadway. His father, William Edward Smith Sr., 54, of Sylva, N.C., was still inside.

Both men died at the scene“.

This tragic accident happened on I-81 in Wythe County, Virginia. This is a long way from Silver Springs, MD and the thick pink pajamas and slippers of s 2-year-old girl. That the temperature had fallen to 60 degrees in the little girl’s home was more newsworthy than the names of a father and son who died when they stopped to help someone else is just one example of what is wrong with the world.


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Now That It’s Over

thumbnailcaq0fv01Will the rest of the world find a new way to heap insult on America? Obama won election by the majority of the popular vote, and (as I wrote last week) an even greater majority of electoral votes. This to me means most Americans from most states felt he was the best man for the job.  I know some of the credit goes to George Bush. Without eight years of disastrous leadership(?), we might not have given Obama a serious look. But things were so bad for so long we did. And the results are in. Next step is the honeymoon, afer which we’ll see if we made the right choice. Given the alternative, I can’t see how we miss on this one.

Some things to point out with this “historic” election. Not all whites are racists, and not all racists are white. Obama is half white, half black. Or African-American, the politically correct term. I just hope he’s all business. We need to get out of this mess.

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