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I will be in the market for a bicycle when we move to Germany. I won’t own a car (at least I don’t plan to) so a good bike will be a priority. I’ll get one in Germany, but in the mean time will still look at what is available in this country. I came across Vanilla Bicycles, hand crafted in Portland, Oregon. I liked this model, called the Touring Bike 2, but there are others. If you have patience and lots of money. From the web site – 

As of April 20th, 2009 the wait for a custom Vanilla is over five years. 

We will not be accepting any deposits in 2009, but we are keeping a list of interested parties. If you want to track progress on this matter, you can email us requesting to be added to the list, or just sign up for The Vanilla Journal, and get your updates there.

You can’t give them a deposit this year, but if you are interested, you can keep track of when you might be able to give them some money and start waiting for a bike.


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