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Here are the two versions of “GLORIA.” I straightened the original and then used the “faintlavender” filter from optikVerve Labs Virtual Photographer add in to Adobe Elements. Nothing else was needed (in my opinion) to make this photo a little more interesting.

Unedited original

Edited Version


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Reeds and Trees

The wind was blowing pretty hard this morning as I walked the Mainaue between Hassfurt and Augsfeld. But it was still when I took this picture of the trees behind some reeds which grow near the water around here. Judging by how the reeds are growing, the wind must blow pretty steady in one direction most of the time.

I wasn’t quite sure where I was going this morning, but as I continued on a path it¬†eventually made a loop completely around the small lake that is part of the flood plain. Swans are nesting on the back side of this lake. I had never seen swans in flight until this morning, when three of them circled overhead before landing on the far side of the lake. By the time I made it around to where they had landed, the clouds had rolled in.¬†

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I have just started experimenting with “iMapFlickr” So far, it seems easy to use and it is free. This is always a plus for me.


Create custom Google Maps from your geotagged Flickr Photos to embed in your website or blog, or for sending to friend’s Facebook, Twitter or your favourite website.

Its quick, easy and best of all, free!

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I didn’t really notice all the colors in the backgrond when I took this picture at Biltmore. It seems there is never a clash when colors come from nature.


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Julia and her sisters have been visiting thier grandparent, friend of ours in the neighborhood. They came over one day and sat for my first “backyard portrait” attempt. Julia is almost five years old.


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From the Italian Garden, Biltmore Estates.


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We recently spent the day at the Biltmore Estate. It was overcast in the morning and the light kept changing, which is not always a bad thing. This was taken in the Italian Garden, and I did minimal post processing on it.


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There is a Gate City, Va., but these gates are on a line of stalls at Leeman Field.


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Waxy looking leaves along the lake trail, lit by a small ray of sunlight finding a way through the canopy.


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Another shot of the stray at Leeman Field.


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