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Black Pulse Smartpen Pro Pack

The Pulse Smart Pen is one of those geeky little gadgets I wish I could afford. The pen “records everything you hear and links it to what you write” on special paper you buy or print yourself. This paper has a faint dot pattern, which is recognized by an infrared receiver in the tip of the pen; this allows the pen to “jump” to specific moments in your note-taking history and play back audio or any voice notes recorded at that time. This is ideal for me, because I often can’t read or understand my own notes after only a short time. 

Of course, you can read your written notes on the paper in real time, and even play back audio through the built-in speakers or earphones connected to a jack in the end of the pen. But to organize, share or store notes, connect the Smart Pen to a computer via a USB dock and download everything. 

A 1GB Smart Pen lists for $149.95, and the 2GB version is $199.95. Different notebooks are available, and you can even get fancy looking bound journals. 

The Smart Pen is a cool combination of old and new technologies. It looks like a great way for students to add meaning to the notes taken during a lecture, or for reporters to more accurately quote people. It also looks like a great way to surreptitiously record conversations.


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