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  1. (computing slang) A derivative work consisting of two pieces of (generally digital) media conjoined together, such as a video clip with a different soundtrack applied for humorous effect, or a digital map overlaid with user-supplied data.

And I though mashup was what you did with the ‘taters you eat with meatloaf and gravy . . .


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incongruence (plural incongruences)

  1. a want of congruence; incongruity.
  2. out of place, absurd

I saw one of those big four wheel drive pick up trucks the other day. It had a skull and cross bones on the tailgate and the name of a construction company painted on the doors. The license plate read “FUZZY1” which seemed out of place, absurd.

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In a Word . . . No

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

No is an English/Old English word indicating rejection, disagreement, refusal or making a negative response or exclamation. In most cases it is the opposite of yes.

No has 41 entries in the Urban Dictionary.

No is tied for 2nd place on (no spelled backwards) a long list of short words, beaten out only by A and I

No or similar spellings may also refer to: 

  • A song by Shakira
  • Norway in ISO country code
  • New Orleans
  • Nitric oxide, a molecular formula

No started out on its own, but today can be found hiding in many other words such as:

  • not
  • another
  • economics
  • chronology

No Country for Old Men is the title of a novel by  Cormac McCarthy, adapted for film by Joel and Ethan Coen, and the first line in Sailing to Byzantium by W.B. Yeats.

No is an ice maker, not breaker.

No is often the first word learned and last word spoken in life.


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